Decoding the Congressional Defense Budget: Politics, Procedures, and Progress

In this episode, join host Ken as he unravels the intricate world of the congressional defense budget process. Joined by Madison Arcangeli, Katy Nazaretova from Forza DC, and Paul Arcangeli, former Staff Director of the House Armed Services Committee, they delve into the blend of procedures and politics that shape the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Defense Appropriations Act. 

Explore how Congress manages to get its work done, even amidst a cloudy timeline, and gain valuable insights into what to expect from both chambers in the coming weeks. Additionally, get an exclusive glimpse into the state of electromagnetic spectrum operations across the services in the early version of the NDAA. Tune in as we decode the intricate workings of the congressional defense budget process and shed light on the path to progress.

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