The Arctic Frontier: A New Security Battleground

The power struggle between the U.S. and China is all too familiar. After the Chinese-operated balloon traveled from the Aleutian Islands down to the US Heartland, the defense community is speculating if this was simply another chapter in our power struggle or if China is seeking specific intelligence from the US. In this episode, Ken Miller talks with journalist Michael Fabey about the implications of the Chinese-operated balloon and how the Arctic region is emerging as a new global security frontier.

Michael Fabey is an award-winning journalist and author currently researching the US Arctic region and the implications this region holds for global security. Ken and Michael discuss what information China likely received through the balloon, why the US took so long to address it, and the likelihood that a US homeland attack would occur in the Aleutian Island-Arctic region.

Ken also commends the new podcast D-Fence, hosted by Dr. Alix Valenti. You can learn more about her and the podcast here. To learn more about today’s topics or to stay updated on EMSO and EW developments, visit our homepage. Ken 

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