Finding Creative Solutions to Global Security Challenges

We all face complex challenges to global security and can examine these issues from many different perspectives. One of these perspectives is fiction storytelling, which often comes close to fact and reflects current problems. In this episode, Ken Miller talks with author Jeffrey Fischer to discuss his military fiction books and how to use these stories to help us learn, adapt, and explore creative solutions that address global security challenges today. 

Jeff Fischer is a military fiction author, retired US Air Force Colonel, longtime aviator, and EW officer. Jeff discusses his journey from being in the military to becoming a writer and how this has given him insight into global security issues. Ken and Jeff discuss Live Range and Balkan Reprisal, two books exploring these themes through Dr. Kurt Nover’s story. Dr. Nover is the main character who is a retired Navy Seal turned medical doctor who battles PTSD and finds himself caught in the middle of global security-altering events.

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