The National Security Risk of Microelectronics-Part One

Microelectronics is one of the United States’ biggest security risks, and the supply chain remains vulnerable. In this episode, Ken Miller continues the microelectronics discussion to understand how the United States should invest in its industry partners to maintain its competitive edge in the global market and maintain national security. To find this out, Ken sits down with Jennifer Santos and her team from Draper, an independent nonprofit engineering innovation company. They dive into the microelectronics supply chain, tech challenges, and opportunities; this episode is Part One of the conversation.

Jennifer Santos, David Hagerstrom, and Geremy Freifeld consider domestic sourcing and manufacturing of semiconductors a national security matter. They discuss how the US competitiveness in microelectronics has evolved and the purpose the CHIPS Act serves. They also compare how the US dissects its industrial base to how China and other competitors examine theirs.

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