Morning Brew with AOC President Powder and Mr. Sadashiv Phadnis (Anritsu)

On the third and final day of the 58th International Symposium and Annual Convention, Host Ken Miller and AOC president, Mr. Glenn “Powder” Carlson discuss some of this week’s highlights from keynote speakers and sessions. As President of the AOC, Mr. Carlson, delivers a message for the global EW/EMSO community and where is AOC going from here and his vision for the AOC as he begins your second year as President. 

Ken then welcomes Sadashiv Phadnis from Anritsu, today’s sponsor, to the show. He explores some of the products and services being showcased by Anritsu at AOC 2021 and how Anritsu is positioning itself for success in this competitive, and yet increasingly uncertain, business environment.

To learn more about the 58th International Symposium and Annual Convention and today’s topics and to stay updated on EMSO and EW developments, visit our website.

Thank you to our episode sponsor, Anritsu. 

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