Morning Brew with Retired Col. Jim “Hook” Pryor and Rodger Hosking

In this special episode, Host Ken Miller kicks off the first day of the 58th International Symposium and Annual Convention. Ken sits with Colonel (Retired) Jim “Hook” Pryor, AOC Board of Directors and AOC 2021 Committee Chairman. They discuss the keynote presentations by Lt. Gen. Steve Wilson and Ms. Heidi Shyu and discuss their shared perspective on military service (USAF) and civilian leadership (USD R&E). 

Ken then welcome Rodger Hosking to the show for a look into Mercury Systems. They discuss the quintessential products of Mercury Systems and what Mercury is showcasing here at AOC2021.

To learn more about the 58th International Symposium and Annual Convention and today’s topics and to stay updated on EMSO and EW developments, visit our website.

Thank you to our episode sponsor, Mercury Systems. 

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